Since childhood Alexandra found herself in love with art. Whether it was doodling in her notebooks during class, practicing one of the many mediums she was blessed to experience at her arts school, writing stories, or expressing herself through fashion. One thing that was for sure was that Alexandra had a passion for conceptualizing and creating.

As an avid traveler she has been fortunate to witness many forms of art from all over the world, and uses those experiences as one source of inspiration. Alexandra has always had a love for fashion, specifically sneakers and her self-described "comfy chic" style. Sneakers, sweats, baseball hats, and a dope jacket are some staples in her style, and from there she's been inspired to create her own. As a lover of colors, patterns, and texture she has recently realized a desire to turn her artwork into home decor as well. Whether its fashion or art Alexandra recognizes the parallells between the two and draws from each to make meaningful creations from and for the soul.

Expression through creation is what fuels Alexandra most in life. Whether she's styling herself, creating digital art and fashion content, designing merch, or telling stories, she honors her soul's desire to feed itself through creativity. Because of the impact art, meaningful experiences, and self-expression has had on Alexandra, she's been able to recognize her purpose and wanted a place to share it with her culture and community. Thus, SoulFull Creative Co was born.